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Artist Alliance was created with you in mind. It's not easy navigating the new music industry. We have  been through it all and want to teach you how to start out on the right foot. Minimizing mistakes by learning not only what you should be doing but also what you should not be doing.  You need a detailed plan along with 4 key initiatives that will drive you towards success.  Book your free consult today and take the first step in your journey.


Young Wild & Free Studio specializes in working with solo artists. The extra musicians are included along with the production, recording, mixing and mastering. Have a listen to some of our clients below.






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Artists Produced and Recorded at

Young Wild & Free Studio

Artist Development includes how to build:

Release Timeline Plan

Socials Release Timeline

Streaming Platforms/ Internet Radio/Terrestrial Radio

Release Marketing ( Digital and Old School)

Live Performance Release Event


February 9.2024

Nayana has crossed 

2,600,000 total streams !! Head on over to Spotify or Apple Music and help her celebrate with some more streams to get her to 3,000,000 streams!

We are working on Nayanas first Vinyl Pressing. New single announcment soon!!


Award winning mixer Aaron Murray from London, ON is the mixer for all of our music projects.

Jason Williams is the Producer/Engineer/ Owner/Operator/  all Artist Devleopment and Release Plans


There are so many facets to artist development. We focus on the building blocks first. Like they say, you need to walk before you can run. Giving you the proper tools and mindset to do the heavy lifting before you show anyone anything is crucial. First impressions are everything and people dont forget. Let us help  put you in the driver seat out of the gates.

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There is a reason why bands and artists  that are on the professional level just look exactly that. Professional. They have taken the time to build a show and not just play a set, this takes time and alot of preparing but once its polished, you WILL stand out from the crowd for sure.  Creating moments that wow your audience rather than just winging it on stage in hopes of looking cohesive will set you apart. Let us help you build a show that will leave your fans and the potential new fans blown away. 

Performance Development

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